MAB4 (Terminated)

MAB4 (Terminated)

MAB4 – Seaweed Biorefinery for Value-Added Products was funded by Innovationsfonden.

Read more about the project here.

The innovation goals of MAB4 were:

To initiate a first attemp to a new breeding technology for macroalgae
with industrial specification, e.g. significantly increased yields of biomass
and biomolecules

To demonstrate sustainable cultivation, mapping seasonal variation of
key biomolecules and testing new technological solutions in different
environments including deeper water (>20m) and off-shore at cultivation
sites in Danish and Faroese waters

To develop full-scale solutions at sea for mechanical harvesting, conditioning,
and storage of the seaweed biomass with a minimum loss of

To obtain maximum yield of value-added components through knowledge
of optimal harvest time

To develop chemical and biological processes for the extraction of
bioactive molecules, hydrocolloids, proteins, and minerals for industrial

To valorize algal compounds i.e. alginate, laminarin, fucoidans, and
antioxidants for food and feed ingredients and skin-care products
To demonstrate formulated, test, and validated final products at pilot
scale for market applications

To assess legal, economic, and environmental impacts of the whole
value chain

To outline job creation measures based on regional case studies for a
Danish (European) implementation

To create a network of stakeholder groups and industrial sectors to strengthen
the actual implementation of blue carbon business plans

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