About Us

AlgaeCenter Denmark

AlgaeCenter Denmark is a collaboration between four instututions: Aarhus University, Danish Technological Institute, Copenhagen University and the Kattegatcentre.  The consortium formed in 2010 under which a number of research projects operate. The purpose of AlgeCenter Danmark is to find out how algae can be used as a new resource in a world where traditional resources are under pressure. A number of research projects serve to find out how algae can be used for sustainable energy, food, medicine and food ingredients.

Research Objectives

The objective of AlgaeCenter Denmark is to explore and generate sustainable innovation in the macroalgae industry – all the way through the value chain from production of seaweeds to end products.
Complementing competences and open sharing of knowledge and network has enabled AlgaeCenter to progress the Danish macroalgae industry: The centre works as an ‘open science hub’ where the annual international Nordic Seaweed Conference gathers participants from science and industry to discuss and exchange knowledge and knowledge needs in the macroalgae industry sector. Read more about the plant here