R & D

Research and development

Algaecentre Denmark is involved in several different projects concerning cultivation, processing, biorefinery, food and feed, functional food and prebiotics, restoration of marine ecosystems, climate mitigation,  sustainability and circular bio-economy.


The SeaFree concept will make land-based recirculating aquaculture systems (RAS) more sustainable by adding seaweed production as sewage treatment and at the same time producing an attractive seaweed resource. Read[…]

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As the need for resources like food and energy and the competition for maritime space are only increasing, the world needs to rethink and to find new ways to meet[…]

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SeaSus Protein will turn environmental problems of macroalgae blooms – the so-called ‘green tides’ – into the protein source of the future. With focus on the green sea lettuce (Ulva[…]

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ValueFarm works towards a more efficient and automized Ulva production system, including mechanized determination of optimal harvest time from automated image analysis. Sea lettuce (Ulva sp.) are high value green[…]

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Macrofuels (Terminated)

The Macrofuels – Third-Generaration biofuels from seaweed is a Horoizon2020 project. MacroFuels aims to produce advanced biofuels from macroalgae, commonly known as seaweed.The targeted biofuels are ethanol, butanol, furanics and[…]

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Macroalgae Initium (Terminated)

Macroalgae Initium is an EU Erasmus+ project involving schools and research and dissemination institutions in Norway, Sweden, Ireland, and Denmark. The aim of the project is to give basic skills[…]

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MAB4 (Terminated)

MAB4 – Seaweed Biorefinery for Value-Added Products was funded by Innovationsfonden. Read more about the project here. The innovation goals of MAB4 were: To initiate a first attemp to a[…]

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Tang.nu (Terminated)

Tang.nu is a large Danish project involving research institutions, companies, and authorities. The project aims to put focus on the perspectives in growing and using seaweed as a sustainable resource[…]

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